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NEWS An exceptional guitar
Une guitare d'exception

An exceptional guitar

12 Jul 2017

Doreau Tonneliers, specialist in high-end barrels for wines and spirits, has created a unique guitar: the staves that compose it contain exceptional Cognacs.

Thierry Doreau, CEO, gave it to the well-known singer Gaëlle Buswel of the festival as she received the Cognac Passions Award of the French Revelation 2016. In the magazine Terres de Cognac, Thierry Doreau tells the genesis of the project: “We wanted to make the link between the Blues and our profession as a barrel maker. The idea was to start from the forest and extend the life of the barrel through music. And what instrument more noble than the guitar to create this alchemy?.

To put the dowels in music, the company of Gensac-la-Pallue in Charente called on Gildas Vaugrenard, a violin maker who works most of his guitars by combining noble materials and recovery. When the barrel transforms, a «Signature» guitar is born.

“We have been partners with the Doreau Cooperage for a decade. It was an innovative contact because Thierry Doreau is a creator. A nice meeting with common desires and this is evident when we think of the path we have travelled since the first concert in Jarnac 10 years ago»

Michel Rolland Director of the Cognac Blues Passions festival

Source: France 3 region – Farms life