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30 Mar 2021

DASVIKEN, autodidact instrument maker

“I’m a autodidact instrument maker. At 14 years old, I was cutting up wood planks with a jigsaw in guitar explorer shaped.”

“For eternity” is what DasViken means in Breton. This is the name that I chose for my company, created in 2013. This was very clear to me who wanted to make authentic and sustainable guitars.

My short career as an engineer made me realize a lot of failings in the contemporary consumer society and it is on the basis of strong principles and convictions that I created DasViken Guitars. I work exclusively with recycled wood species, which have a story to tell.

Materials are assembled using an eco-friendly method: animal glue, buffer varnish and linseed oil or beeswax:

  • No plastics,
  • No chemical finishes,
  • Natural glues,
  • Local subcontracting for spare parts, in any case as much as possible … (I am still looking for a way to have my mechanics machined made without being dependent on a huge order quantities)
  • Local or recovered wood.

My guitars are affected: they are neither new, or vintage, they are “hors d’age” over-aged!


As a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure du Bois de Nantes. I have developed an analytical approach to choice wood species by finding substitutes for conventional species to work only with local species and recovered wood.

I source my oak from Tonnellerie Doreau.

We recycle second-hand staves that have contributed to the aging wines and eaux-de-vie. It is a second life for this noble Oak.

“Patience and passion are the essence of our work”

Thierry Doreau

DasViken imagined according to the ancestral method of violin making, the Flying V-SOP guitar. It comes exclusively from a blend of staves from barrels that have contained Cognac.

Screen-printed by hand, the body of the guitar is inspired by the collaboration of the artist Shepard Fairey with Hennessy.