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24 Mar 2022

The Doreau Tonneliers team was proud to participate in the first edition of Spirits Forum organized on March 22, 2022 by @spiritsvalley.

This first Spirits Forum aimed to give an overview of professions and training related to the spirits industry through stands run by companies and training organizations.

Created in 2015, Spirits Valley is an organization that brings together companies in the Charente Valley specialized in the spirits industry, from their development to their release on the market. 

This highly skilled region, which extends around the economic areas of Cognac, Angoulême and Saintes, accounts for 80% of the value of French spirits production and produces more than half of the exceptional spirits consumed worldwide.

Spirits Valley’s objective is to structure and support the economic development of companies in the spirits industry. 

Its actions are based on 4 main pillars: 

  • Uniting the region’s companies on an economic level and around innovation in order to facilitate and develop business flows
  • Strengthen the attractiveness and the living environment of the Charente Valley “Silicon Valley of spirits”
  • Facilitate relations between people as well as the flow of goods
  • Supporting the development of training programs related to the ecosystem’s professions

It is thus quite naturally, and in line with its commitments in favor of  transmission and  valorization of cooperage know-how, that Doreau Tonneliers took part in the Spirits Forum by offering throughout the day demonstrations of cooperage, “mise en rose” and toasting !