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29 May 2024

” Imagine up to 300 years between the growth of a young oak, the drying, the maturing and the moment when you taste a vintage aged in one of these barrels!

It takes 1,500 seedlings in natural regeneration to harvest a single oak tree with a diameter of 80 cm. To reach this result, the forester referees the trees’ competition – for water and light – in order to obtain stands meeting the set objectives: supply of quality wood, aesthetic stands to welcome the public (ONF) and maintain landscapes and patches sheltering species favourable to ecosystem diversity.

 From seedling to forest

It can take more than two hundred years from seedling to mature forest. If forests develop on their own, they cannot, without human hands, produce sufficient quantities and quality of wood to meet society’s needs, while continuing to grow. This is what forestry is all about. All the sciences, arts and activities relating to the preservation, development, management and creation of biodiversity. Forestry includes the various silvicultural operations carried out according to a management plan based on the tree species to be favored and their renewal. This plan guarantees the forest’s sustainability, healthy development and respect for biodiversity. Charlois, and by extension Tonnellerie Doreau, which belongs to the group, has been a signatory for many years. These practices cover preservation of biodiversity, soil and water quality, protection against pollution risks, protection of unmarked trees for harvesting, preservation of natural seedlings and young plants, protection against fire, respect for other forest users and cultural heritage. This is what forestry is all about.